Room 116 is a social space like no other!

It is a place where adults, from all walks of life, can receive support and have fun in a positive atmosphere;

And where they can learn, grow, and socialize with other adults who want the same.

Every stage of life has its struggles and typically from about age 23 to 45 adults are on their own and often are faced with the common yet complicated aspects of adulthood with little to no help in one or more areas.

For many, these may include navigating relationship issues, work and career struggles, or parenthood; battling depression, anxiety, loneliness, addiction or identity crisis; seeking spiritual growth and clarity for oneself or social justice for various communities; or just learning self-care, how to balance everything and truly be healthy. This "adulting" thing can be a lot!

 Our goal is to help make adult life BETTER and connect you with what you've been looking for.

At Room 116 we aim to help you thrive in life by giving you a place where you can always:

  • Have an authentically good time with people who are looking for the same thing.
  • Be uplifted, educated and supported.
  • Receive helpful information about quality businesses, people, events and resources that already exist all around you.

We’re all about showing you LOVE and helping you with what matters.

Adult life can be a lot to navigate. You don’t have to do it alone.