We will host a variety of events to stimulate our minds and help us grow into the best versions of ourselves.


Educational discussions

  • local government officials
  • law enforcement officers
  • lawyers
  • mental health professionals
  • traditional and holistic medical professionals
  • financial professionals
  • … and others knowledgeable on important topics and realities adults face but may not understand fully.


Dialog with leaders of various faith backgrounds and varying religious and non-religious perspectives to educate and foster interfaith connections and mutual respect.


Discussions and panels designed to better understand and be supportive of ethnic and sexual minorities, individuals with disabilities, and other groups that may be discriminated against or commonly misunderstood or mistreated.


Celebrities, prominent figures and other successful people can come dialog and share their experience, faith, and personal insights and perspectives on life.


Hot Topic Panel and Group Discussions

  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Is it really possible to frequently and consistently have amazing sex when married? Is it possible to truly remain celibate when single? Does it even matter?
  • Marriage: The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • All Lives Matter: But do Black lives in particular matter? To cops? To White Christians? To society?
  • The Bible: Is this book legit? Is reading it worth my time?
  • God: Does he exist? If so what is He like? Why does He allow suffering?
  • Religion: Is it hurtful or helpful? Are they all the same? How are they different?
  • Moral Atheists: Can you have good without God? Is there any benefit in believing?
  • Rainbow Love: Can religious folk show love to LGBT folk? Why all the hate?
  • Denominations: Why so much division within Christianity? What are the differences? Does it really matter?
  • Parenting: Am I screwing my kids up? How can I get them to listen and grow up healthy?
  • Is heaven only for "good" people?
(Religious leaders make up this panel.)
  • Venus vs. Mars: Help me understand where is the opposite sex coming from!?
(Married and single men and women, and psychologists on panel.)
  • Masculinity & Femininity: What do these terms mean to us? Are gender roles helpful or harmful?
(Psychologists, religious leaders,
lgbt folk make up this panel.)
  • Is it possible not to judge/prejudge? What is privilege? How to recognize my bias?
(Leaders in social justice make up this panel.)
  • God: Does He/She/It exist? Why do you or dont you believe in Him?
(A mixed panel including atheists, religious leaders, scientists and philosophers.)
  • Mental Illness, Hard Times, Therapy And Medication: How do I
make the right decision about my mental health? Why is there a stigma attached to mental illness and seeking therapy? (Mental health professionals make up this panel)
  • Natural Remedies Vs "Real" Medicine: Who can I trust? 
(Panel made up of MDs and holistic healers.)
  • "Slut Shaming", Modesty, Purity, Rape Culture And Female Sexiness: 
How should women dress? Is promiscuity liberating? Why is there a double standard? What is a man's role in all of this?

  • Should ethnic minorities "whiten up" to meet the status quo, in the workplace, business world, church, etc.?
  • Music: What influence does it have on our minds?
  • Alcohol: Jesus drank it. I drink it. Is there any problem?
  • What is the history and/or validity of certain church traditions and beliefs? (i.e., Was Jesus white? Was he born in December? Was his name even
 Jesus? Why do most Christians go to church on Sunday? Why are hymns viewed as special? Why is KJV viewed as special?)
  • Non-Christian panel: What it’s like living in a "Christian" society. How is the church perceived from the rest of America?
  • …And more!


One-on-one help with identifying local resources to help with achieving practical individual needs and goals.


We help individuals create personal inventories of their gifts, talents, and interests in order to help find their passion and connect them with ways to serve professionally and/or charitably.


Music Performances


Spoken Word