About Us

Room 116 is an organization that facilitates social gathering in order to educate, empower, and support adults in the mid 20’s to mid 40’s age range in the local community. It is designed to create positive connections through recreation and foster continuing adult enrichment by creating a platform for engagement with other adults as well as with leaders, businesses, and other organizations in the community.

Who Do We Help?

We help local adults (approx. age 23-45) who want to enjoy life and socialize with others in a positive space and at the same time are interested in becoming the best versions of themselves. We aim to serve anyone who is looking for community and support in their endeavors of self-growth. Though we are geared toward a specific age demographic, Room 116 is intentionally inclusive of individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations, and abilities.

What Do We Help Them With?

We help adults by offering a place for them to come anytime and have fun in a positive setting, experience an engaging community that embodies love, and receive support in various areas of their lives. We provide a space where they can come socialize authentically and positively at any time. We also provide a local network that connects people with resources and entities within their community and beyond (i.e., other non-profits, small businesses, artists, churches, etc.). And we provide a platform for events and programs where any individual can be educated on various topics of adult concern (i.e., social justice, spirituality, local government, business ownership, finances, relationships, etc.). We aim to help people by offering a new type of social, educational, and recreational space that doesn’t exist for adults anywhere outside of Room 116 (at least on a daily and consistent basis) and by connecting people with other resources and entities that already exist that they may not have previously known about.

When Will We Help Them?

Anytime and all the time! Room 116 will be a 24/7 facility that serves the community non-stop. Our events will mostly be held during scheduled times on evenings and weekends (i.e., performances, speakers, discussion panels, open mic night, pick-up basketball times, etc.). However, we will be open for anytime fun and growth for adults whenever they desire to come and play or be helped, respectively. Also, individual groups may reserve sections of Room 116 for private events that can be scheduled for anytime day or night.

Where Will We Help Them?

The first permanent location for Room 116 will be at a location TBD in Los Angeles County. Until our permanent location is a reality, events will be held at various locations in Los Angeles county with exact locations and times TBA on social media and our event calendar. However, as we grow, we plan to have several permanent Room 116 locations in cities near you all across America.

Why Do We Want To Help Them?

Many people seem to think that children are the only ones who want or need play. Adults do too! Play brings joy. And it is vital for problem solving, creativity and successful relationships. Dr. Stuart Brown, psychiatrist and author of Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, discusses how play can facilitate deep connections between strangers and cultivate healing. He writes, "There is a kind of magic in play. What might seem like a frivolous or even childish pursuit is ultimately beneficial. It’s paradoxical that a little bit of ‘nonproductive’ activity can make one enormously more productive and invigorated in other aspects of life." So, we want to provide a space where access to play and genuine organic fun is readily available to a busy and often stressed-out adult community.

Additionally, society seems to think that once people reach adulthood and get past college-age, they should somehow “have it all together” and just automatically know how to manage life well. However, this is often not the case. Many people are quietly suffering. Many people are eager to be the best version of themselves but don't know where to go to connect with the people and things that they need in order to thrive.

We at Room 116 believe you shouldn’t have to struggle through “adulting” on your own.  Whether it’s having fun, making new friends, growing a business, connecting with other businesses, learning about practical things, or simply growing as a person, we want to help adults move forward and thrive!

How Will We Help Them?

Room 116’s goal is to create multiple opportunities for social interaction and fun, education and growth, and support and information.


Social Interaction and Fun

  • Well-known and up-and-coming artists (i.e. musicians, comedians, dancers, poets, actors, etc.) with real-life and uplifting messages come to showcase their talents.

  • In-house recreational activities such as a large variety of board games (i.e., Taboo, charades, Uno, chess, Connect Four, dominoes, etc.), table games (i.e. billiards, air hockey, ping pong, foosball), video games (i.e. Xbox, Playstation, Wii), karaoke, dance floor, basketball/volleyball court, and big TVs screens for sports and movie watching are all made available 24/7.
  • Various parties with fun themes, dancing, and/or group games and activities held throughout each month.
  • Scheduled group outings to various locations and activities (local and long distance trips).
  • Events and activities that cater to specific demographics in age or martial status; such as events for ages 23-27, 28-35, or 36-40's and events for singles only or married couples only.
  • Private parties can come for company team building, birthday celebrations, or host other special events.


Education and Growth

  • Educational discussions with guest speakers such as local government officials, law enforcement officers, lawyers, mental health and physical health professionals, financial professionals and others come to dialog with and enlighten patrons on important topics and realities all adults face but may not understand fully.

  • Dialog with leaders of various faith backgrounds and varying religious and non-religious perspectives to educate and foster interfaith connections and mutual respect.

  • Discussions and panels designed to better understand and be supportive of ethnic and sexual minorities, individuals with disabilities, and other groups that may be discriminated against or commonly misunderstood or mistreated.

  • Celebrities, prominent figures and other successful people can come dialog and share their experience, faith, and personal insights and perspectives on life.


Support and Information

  • Provide one-on-one help with identifying local resources to help with achieving practical individual needs and goals.
  • Provide information on events, programs, and services provided by local businesses, non-profits, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and government entities and other organizations that may be of interest to our patrons.

  • Partner with outreach organizations that exist and create outreach opportunities that may not exist to be a blessing to less fortunate individuals in various circumstances.

  • Provide patrons with the ability to connect with other patrons in the same community who have specifically stated they are at a similar place in life and would like to associate with others in the same situation or station in life (i.e., parents of young children, divorced, single, lost a loved one, in a position of leadership, similar hobbies, similar struggle or illness, etc.)

  • Provide a helpful, friendly, and engaging staff that ensure all patrons have an enjoyable experience and are well taken care of.


Our Mission

Room 116 is a service-oriented organization seeking to enhance and enrich the lives of local adults. Our services and activities are intentionally available and applicable to all. Our objective is to create a supportive and positive space for adult recreation and growth. This is motivated by the love of God. Our mission is to provide an environment that exhibits the gospel of Christ in action by showing love, meeting people’s needs, and providing hope for the future.